Top 100 Horror Villains (30-21)

The top 100 Villains rankings of the Horror, Thriller, Mystery, & Suspense genres–Film, Literature, Mythology, Folklore, Urban Legend. The list was contrived based on the villain’s personality, characteristics, cultural impact, turpitude, originality, performance, and other various subjective factors.


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Leprechaun (Leprechaun series) While there’s a stringent aversion to these films for being cheesy, I can attest to how frightening Warwick Davis was at times in the series. With his grotesque make-up and evil voice, the leprechaun character was intensely scary and a ruthless villain. Equipped with a range of supernatural skills, the Leprechaun would do anything to retain his pot of gold, including punishing those who even dare attempt.


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Ann Thomerson (Happy Birthday to Me) – Betrayal is one of the worst human emotions one can experience. Case in point, the secret slasher of Happy birthday to me went to extensive lengths to exact revenge on her ill-legitimate half-sister Ginny, ostensibly befriending her in order to accomplish her brutal revenge. Her mood as moody as a bitch on fire, Ann slayed the majority of her clique of friends in an attempt to frame Ginny for the murders, going far as dressing up as Ginny and using her mental condition against her. In the end, it was one of the more memorable finales to a slasher film, as Ann revealed her heinous plot before taking a cake knife to the gut, perishing prior to her body hitting the floor.


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The Davis Baby (It’s Alive) – Deemed a mass-murderer moments after its birth, the Davis baby escaped the hospital with blood-stained fangs and claws. The product of pregnancy pharmaceuticals gone disastrous, the mutant infant was a crawling fugitive in search of mommy and daddy. But the ones liable for the toddler’s freakish mutation will see to it that IT gets bagged instead of coddled.


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Pennywise (IT) – It seems most of us have a fear of clowns at an early age, and the clown portrayed by Tim Curry in Stephen King’s IT has incurred more nightmares than any other clown in fiction, even the Joker. Although the adaptation was only a made-for-TV mini-series, it still delivers horrors that are forever indelible to fright fans. However, In 2017 after years of development and boiling anticipation, Bill Skarsgard delivered a sinister enough performance to scare up over $700 million at the box office.


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The Black Cat (Mythology) – The mysterious Black Cat has long been a fearsome vermin of the night. Why do people fear crossing paths with these creatures? The radix of the superstition dates back to the ancient Egyptian’s reverence for cats, thus instilling the notion that cats, especially black cats, hold sacred powers. Therefore, they shall not be CROSSED by any human, for fear of spiritual wrath against thee. Depending on the culture, though, Black cats might be considered an omen of good or bad luck. During the burning days of witch-hunting, Black Cats were closely associated with reclusive witches and, likewise, scorched on pyres in dread of their devilish pact. In various archaic grimoires, Black cats were often used in rituals of the occult to summon demons by placing their head on a lance and reciting incantations.


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Pinhead (Hell Raiser series) – The freakish dome of pinhead was one of the top selling masks of the 1990s, and before the likes of Jigsaw and Ghostface came around, you could’ve argued that the demonic cenobite was deserving of a top 5 villain spot, as well as an intricate carving on the mount rushmore of horror villains. But after a slew of poor sequels, Pinhead’s popularity has plummeted faster than a floozy can drop her top at the sandy shores of crystal lake.


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Bigfoot (Legendary Cryptid) – From the primordial world of long lost anatomical history, the existence of Bigfoot exists only in mythical tales and those who’ve claimed to have seen something of a tall simian-like creature. If ever there was a possibility of there existing a cryptid, Bigfoot would likely be the one to be real. Appearing as a savage beast in countless films over the years, Sasquatch has many fans and many more people in search of the elusive, mysterious creature. As of 2015, all attempts to attain tangible evidence of Bigfoot have been insubstantial, yet innumerable believe it to be the missing link between man and animal.


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Baron Victor Frankenstein (Hammer’s Frankenstein series) – In the Hammer Horror Frankenstein series, the titled doctor was portrayed by legendary horror actor Peter Cushing, better known for his role in the original Star Wars. In the series, Dr. Frankenstein was turned into a callous, sociopathic villain. Instead of constructing his monster out of graveyard cadavers, The Baron murdered his own guests to assemble the parts. His obsession drives him to madness and incurs a violence on those in proximity.


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Damien Thorn (The omen series) – Oh, how I loathe children but love thee. In short, Damien was the devil incarnated in the form of a boy, purposely planted into the life of an American Diplomat on june 6th, 1970. The Anti-Christ, foretold by the stars and the ancient scrolls, was birthed by a Jackal to commence the end of days on earth.


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Slappy The Dummy (Night of the Living Dummy) I adore a villain that packages audacity and quips with the dread he inflicts. From legendary writer R.L. Stine, Slappy was a ventriloquist dummy carved out of coffin wood by an ancient sorcerer. Arguably the most recognizable villain from the GOOSEBUMPS series, R.L. calls him his favorite character to write. When a Goosebumps film was finally released in Oct. 2015, Slappy was featured as the main antagonist, unleashing all the monsters of Goosebumps and organizing a mass book burning to ensure that they remain in our realm to cause mayhem and destruction.

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