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Sledgehammer (1983) Review – ’80s Slasher film

Title: Sledgehammer Release Date: 1983/84 Tagline: “Flesh tears, bones shatter, the nightmare has begun.” Distributed by: World Video Pictures, inc. Directed by David Prior (Deadly prey, Zombie Wars) Regarded in the shot-on-video (aka shot-on-shiteo) level of infamy, Sledgehammer opens with a sensational clobbering of the title screen fittingly by a sledgehammer. Everything that follows is […]

April Fool’s Day (1986) – Movie Novelization Review; Alternate Ending – Jeff Rovin

Title: April Fool’s Day Based on: April Fool’s Day (1986) Horror film from Paramount Genre: Horror_Slasher_Comedy_Mystery Author: Jeff Rovin Release Date: April 1, 1986 Pages: 222 Publisher: Pocket Books (paperback)   Plot: “Jokes aren’t so funny when they end in murder! — Eight good friends, ready to celebrate spring break, gather at a remote summer home, […]

Scream (1996-2016) 20 year anniversary – Novelization – Opening Scene

Scream (1996) Original Novelization Based on: Scream (1996) written by Kevin Williamson opening scene adapted by J.B. Midura **Preface: The following text is a tribute novelization adapted out of reverence for the film, Kevin Williamson, and Wes Craven.  To commemorate the influencial slasher franchise on its 20th anniversary, I converted the terrifying opening scene into prose.  It’s a […]