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Mutants Amok #1 (1991) Book Review

Title: Mutants Amok (Volume 1 of 5) Genre: Sci-fi_Adventure_Action_Fantasy_Dystopia Tagline: “They were Created to serve, now they’re dedicated to destruction!” Author: Mark Grant (David Bischoff) Published: March 1st, 1991, AVON) Plot:“They had been bred as the perfect killing machines. Mutant warriors–vicious. Fearless…and unstoppable. Genetically designed soldiers created to triumph on the battlefields of the 21st century. […]

April Fool’s Day (1986) – Movie Novelization Review; Alternate Ending – Jeff Rovin

Title: April Fool’s Day Based on: April Fool’s Day (1986) Horror film from Paramount Genre: Horror_Slasher_Comedy_Mystery Author: Jeff Rovin Release Date: April 1, 1986 Pages: 222 Publisher: Pocket Books (paperback)   Plot: “Jokes aren’t so funny when they end in murder! — Eight good friends, ready to celebrate spring break, gather at a remote summer home, […]