Month: May 2018

Top 100 Horror Villains (30-21)

The top 100 Villains rankings of the Horror, Thriller, Mystery, & Suspense genres–Film, Literature, Mythology, Folklore, Urban Legend. The list was contrived based on the villain’s personality, characteristics, cultural impact, turpitude, originality, performance, and other various subjective factors. 30.) Leprechaun (Leprechaun series) While there’s a stringent aversion to these films for being cheesy, I can attest to […]

Mutants Amok #1 (1991) Book Review

Title: Mutants Amok (Volume 1 of 5) Genre: Sci-fi_Adventure_Action_Fantasy_Dystopia Tagline: “They were Created to serve, now they’re dedicated to destruction!” Author: Mark Grant (David Bischoff) Published: March 1st, 1991, AVON) Plot:“They had been bred as the perfect killing machines. Mutant warriors–vicious. Fearless…and unstoppable. Genetically designed soldiers created to triumph on the battlefields of the 21st century. […]